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The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (the official title of the UK) is, in fact, a unitary state consisting of four main parts: the three constituent countries of England, Scotland and Wales (collectively termed as the Great Britain) and the province of Northern Ireland. Apart from 66 officialcities, the UK has a large number of towns big enough to be considered as cities. However, some of UK’s official cities are even smaller than large villages or small towns.

Sovereign: Queen Elizabeth II
Prime Minister: David Cameron
Land area: 93,278 sq mi (241,590 sq km); total area: 94,526 sq mi (244,820 sq km)
Population (2010 est.): 61,284,806 (growth rate: 0.2%); birth rate: 10.6/1000; infant mortality rate: 4.7/1000;
life expectancy: 79.1 density per sq km: 246
Capital and largest city (2003 est.): London
Other large cities: Glasgow, Birmingham, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Leeds, Bristol, Manchester, Bradford
Monetary unit: Pound sterling (£)