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Cyprus is blessed with pure natural beauty and has one of the most favorable and healthiest environments in the world. Free from all sorts of pollution. Crime has no destination here and the economy is booming rapidly. It has emerged as one of the leading business and financial centers in the region. The various sectors of the economy such as tourism, banking, insurance and telecommunication enjoy their high standards as a result of being the leading edge oftechnology. Cyprus offers as ideal structure and scope for higher learning and it has emerged as a major international education center, alluring students from all around the globe.

The Cyprus College student body comprise of international students from more than 25 countries, including India, China, Pakistan, Bulgaria, Russia, UAE, Kuwait, Iran and many more. The college takes extra caution and care in providing all needed services for a smooth introduction of international students to the college life. For the students who come to study in Cyprus,the college provides assistance with housing, airport pick-up service, orientation, tour of the city of Nicosia and advising for selection of course